Workshop description:

This workshop will provide an overview of Version 4.0 of the Arches heritage inventory and management platform, including the new Version 4 features with a focus on customizing the software to meet your organization’s or project’s needs.

Learning Objectives:

Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of the management of heritage data in Arches, including international data standards, graphs, controlled vocabularies, and integration with external web services
  • System design and capabilities, including system architecture, creating and managing data, searching and reporting functionality, and geospatial layers
  • Arches deployment, including the new installation wizard, the new application configuration manager, the new user-profile and permissions manager, and customization of the platform through the new integrated graph manager
  • Features coming soon, including the new mobile data collection app for smartphone and tablet field data collection with or without network connectivity, and data contributions including crowdsourcing with the new data-collection project manager tool
  • The Arches community, including how to participate
  • How Arches is being implemented by a range of heritage organizations and projects.

Arches is an innovative open source software system that incorporates international standards and is built to inventory and help manage all types of immovable cultural heritage. It brings together a growing worldwide community of heritage professionals and IT specialists. Arches is freely available to download, customize, and independently implement. For more information about Arches, visit:

Workshop presenters: 

  • Adam Cox: Co-founder of Legion GIS, LLC, and a GIS developer who has been working with Arches for three years, creating installations for organizations in the US and assisting with many others around the world. He has worked in the GIS field for more than six years, very often focusing on cultural heritage and documentation-related applications.
  • Alison Daligity: Manager of the Web and Digital Initiatives Department for the Getty Conservation Institute. Currently managing the development and worldwide implementations of Arches (incl. HistoricPlaces LA). Spent fifteen years in Europe working on development of diverse technological projects, ranging from mainframe programming and database development to early desktop publishing and multimedia design.
  • David Myers: Senior Project Specialist at the Getty Conservation Institute, where he manages the GCI’s Recording and Documentation Unit. He is a member of the GCI’s Arches project team and has worked on the implementation of Arches with the City of Los Angeles, HistoricPlacesLA, as well as implementation of the Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) – Jordan.


This workshop is free of charge, although participants must register online for the workshop in advance and should be registered for the CIPA symposium.

Registration here Deadline June 30, 2017