The following information is provide about Ottawa, also consult the Accommodations page for lodging in Ottawa at preferential rates.

Entry requirements/Visa:

Transportation: Ottawa International Airport: (for Transportation from the Airport to Downtown, please visit the Ground Transportation desk located on level 1 at the central doors).

From Ottawa international Airport to Carleton University:–Zofwq8c&DestinationType=ExternalLocation&ExcludedSites=&DisplayPreferenceOnly=false&OriginIdentifier=RE900&OriginType=Stop&PreferredRoutes=97%2COTrn&RideWithAtArrivalDeparture=&ShowOptions=false&Time=8%3A10&TimeType=SpecifiedDepartureTime&UseDefaultSites=false

From Ottawa International Airport to Downtown Ottawa:

From Carleton University to and from Downtown Ottawa:

First take the O-Train to the transitway (Bayview Station);

And then transfer to a bus to downtown:

For other destinations, you can use the OC Transpo Trip Planner: