Global Heritage Fund

The Global Heritage Fund, in its endeavor to provide support to Emerging Professionals in Heritage Conservation, is offering three travel expense support grants ($600 CAD) to scholars attending the 26th CIPA Symposium in Ottawa (Canada). Successful awardees:

  • Helene Macher, a postdoctoral fellow at the ICube Laboratory, INSA, who received her PhD in 2017 and will present on “Photogrammetric Recording and Reconstruction of Town Scale Models – the Case of the Plan-Relief of Strasbourg.
  • Azadeh Vafadari, a PhD candidate at Durham University, UK, who will present on “Recording and Monitoring of Cultural Heritage Places in Syria.”

Cyark Foundation

Cyark Foundation, in its endeavor to provide support to Emerging Professionals in developing and applying Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation is offering travel expense support grants ($700 CAD) to professionals attending the 26th CIPA Symposium in Ottawa (Canada). Successful awardees:

  • Georgia Kontogianni, a PhD candidate from Athens, Greece who has had two papers accepted for CIPA2017: “Developing a Virtual Museum for the Ancient Wine Trade in Eastern Mediterranean” & “Enhancing Close-up Image Based 3D Digitisation with Focus Stacking”.
  • Joel Lucky Aldor, president of a non-profit organization in Manila, Philippines, who has spearheaded implementation of the Philippine Heritage Map. his paper is titled: “The Challenges and Opportunities of Creating a Web-based, Participatory Inventory and Management System for Philippine Built Heritage”.
  • Luis Bello Caballero, a PhD student and professor from Santiago de Cuba, who writes “The participation in Ottawa will help us to improve the results [of our study] since it will be possible to share our ideas and receive feedback from experts on the field. Likewise, attending to other presentations will not only contribute to our research, but it will also provide us with a wider and updated understanding of different international practices that we can share with students and fellow researchers in Cuba.” He will present on: “Documenting socioeconomic dynamics impact on heritage sites. The case of Vista Allegre District in Santiago de Cuba”.
  • Markus Pochtrager, a project assistant at the Technical University of Wien, Austria, who received his Masters degree in 2016, and has been nominated for best paper for his submission: “Automated reconstruction of historic roof structures from point clouds – development and examples”.
  • Umair Malik, a research fellow at the Politecnico di Milano who received his MsC in 2016 and writes “Considering the start of my career in research, it is not feasible to finance myself for this event, but I am confident that you will find my application a worthwhile investment.” His presentation is titled: “The CHT2 Project: Diachronic 3D Reconstruction of Historic Sites”.